“Series – Deserted Houses”: Oil paintings in the 1980s.

 Why I continue to paint deserted houses:

I have long been attracted to and obsessively devoted to paint deserted houses. This is because those houses, though uninhabited and falling into decay, surely reflect the years, months and days filled with all kinds of affections of the people – joy, sorrow, anger, euphoria, etc. or the footprints of how people lived in the house.

Facing an abandoned house and gazing at it intently, I hear all the sorrows and joys the house has experienced, which grips me firmly. There I see the intricate human events and lives of the past unfolding in front of my eyes, which I paint recreating and exposing them with my own imagination.

Quoted from the bulletin of Exposition “France-Japon” Salon Comparaisons published by Nippon Television Network Corporation

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≪晩秋の訪れ≫ 50号
Late fall arrives    Size 116.7×90.9
≪冬の昼下がり≫ 50号
Early afternoon in winter Size 116.7×90.9
≪秋暮れる≫ 50号
At dusk in autumn Size 116.7×90.9
≪残れる家≫ 10号
A house abandoned Size 53.0×45.5
≪過ぎし日≫ 30号
Days gone by Size 90.9×72.7
≪昔日の影≫ 50号
The remains of the past Size 116.7×90.9